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CrySyS SecChallenge 2020

The CrySyS Security Challenge is a Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competition organized by the CrySyS Lab of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics for computer science and electrical engineering students in Hungary. The Security Challenge usually spans over a period of 2 weeks, during which students can solve challenges from different sub-domains of IT security. The Security Challenge runs on the on-line platform for IT security exercises, hence, participants can access the challenges remotely. Best performing students from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics will be invited to the CrySyS Student Core.

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Challenge name Points Status
Sanity Check 100
Challenge Response Task 100
Meet NataSHA 150
2scripts1hash - 1 150
2scripts1hash - 2 200
printer 300
AEKI 150
Bock Road 150
Freeing Maximus Decimus Meridius again 150
Find The Best Fishing Spot 200
PIP 500
Wait for it 150
Super battle droids! Take them down! 150
Master boot record 150
SyzVM 300
BabyPK 500
Thank you! 100
Secret Keeper 100
It wasm me, Stardust! 150
Upgrade me 150
Are you prepared? 500
Secure? Vault 100
Stego Injection 100
The memories I treasure 150
Files, files everywhere 200
no, thank u, next 100
Headquaters in Greenland 100
AuthentIoTicator 100
Side Quest 150
Faulty Companion 150
30 FPS 200
Total score 4500 / 5750